"I photograph with natural light, my most important tools ARE a 6D Heart, a full frame Eye

and a wide angle Soul." 


About Chrystel

Born in France and living in Turks & Caicos for almost 2 decades
Married a ‘British Cheri Homme’  and mother to one little Louis.

In my camera bag

Passion, Enthusiasm, Wonder, Imagination


The two men of my life
Any shade of blue
Unusual looking clouds
Dark strong coffee
Books...lots of books…books everywhere…
Traveling to remote places
50 mm Canon lens
Masculine fragrances
Terracotta tiles
Cooking and fighting over the recipe with hubby ;-)

What photography means to me

Constant battle between my productive organized mind and the creative funky other side of myself.

Constant battle between my introvert personality around strangers and my extrovert side around close friends.

Love capturing tiny stuff, the forgotten, the unnoticed little things.

Love anything with textures, shapes, tones, colors.

Get me out of my comfort zone and constantly learning.

Feeds my soul, helps me to connect with people and express myself. 

Telling their story …it's as simple as that.